The names Thornton. Thornton Drury. I was born on a rainy day near the east coast and I lived out my childhood in the sprawling metropolis of northern Alabama. A computer geek since birth, I've always enjoyed tech toys. While in college I bought myself my first real camera and dove right in. I have a degree in Photographic Awesomeness from the University of YouTube. 

I've been attending several concerts and music festivals per month since mid high school. It kinda got old after a couple hundred shows, so I started working them, and eventually shooting them. I love the energy of the pit and the hustle to get that unique shot. 

Due to my nature, I can't just focus on one side of photography, so I'm constantly improving and learning new techniques and styles. 

Currently in school at The University of Alabama for Computer Engineering and Business Admn degrees. Nomadic on the weekends.